Pavilion Bakery - aka The Beginning

Columbia Road, London

This is where my almond croissant addiction starts. PRAY FOR ME

~ Read to the end to see a spicy google comment from some random lady xoxo ~

I am suddenly so self conscious about my fingers. DON'T LOOK AT THEM.

When I first moved back to London I didn't immediately go back to work - oh btw I will get to the croissant review don't worry. I'm just building some context, alright? Ok, so I was job free, living in Bethnal Green and - I SAID I WILL GET TO THE CROISSANT, JUST WAIT - I was going to galleries, visiting cemeteries, neurotically cleaning my room. Living my best unemployed life! Unbound from responsibilities I found myself at Pavilion Cafe on Columbia Road quite often. One delicious, and seemingly innocent, almond croissant turned into five in one week. It became a decadent and somewhat shameful ritual. I was sad to admit that it was unsustainable. Because I suppose society would deem an almond croissant a day to be excessive. But you know, the use of fossil fuels is still ok for now? HYPOCRISY I SAY.

One delicious and seemingly innocent almond croissant turned into five in one week. It became a decadent and somewhat shameful ritual.

Anyway, I'm a reasonable woman. I cut down to one, maybe two, a week. And to justify (/further enable) my weekly croissant treat, I decided to make it my duty to review as many as possible for you - the people! So that we may know which is the best flaky boy of them all (based on my own subjective, but not to be questioned judgement).


The Rating 4/5 🥐

Price Uhhh. So I can't remember. But I think maybe like £3.50? Go find out!

The Flaky Boy Pavilion almond croissants were delicious. As far as Columbia Road almond croissants go I think it's the best choice. I liked the amount of flaked almonds and how toasted and crunchy they were, the level of icing sugar dusted on top was good, and it was satisfyingly flaky. My chihuahua Wesley was covered in crumbs making me feel like some neglectful mother with a bad habit (the icing sugar on my nose didn't help). The layers of the croissant look like beautiful rock strata. Imagine crunching into those. Mmm.

And then the frangipane - the part I really like to rhapsodize. It was moist, flavoursome and a decent smearing of it. It was YUM. At this point I would like to point out that I don't have a very gastronomical lexicon. I'm just a girl that really fucking likes almond croissants ok? Be gentle with me.

So I clearly had a good time eating this croissant. Unlike some woman called Benita who's spicy Google review is below. Somehow she has managed to attack the general nation in her bakery review. Calm down Benita.

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